Marunouchi Bike&Run

東京駅前、新丸ビルB1 皇居ランニング、自転車通勤のベースステーション MARUNOUCHI Bike&Run



It is easy to get to and directly connected to Tokyo station. Useful for running around the Imperial Palace where it is only about 500 meters to Bike&Run.

  • How to use
  • Courses and Charges
  • Run Pit
  • Course in Surrounding

For Running Member

  • Show your membership card, and pay the fee at the reception.
    We will keep your membership card during your run.
    ※You will receive a membership card when you register with Bike&Run
    for the first time. (membership fee: 500 yen)
    When you register to become a member, please show us one of the following
    identity verification documents.
    • health insurance card
    • driver license
    • employee ID card
    • passport
  • Change to running wear after you received the locker key.
    Always keep valuables in the locker, please deposit large baggage
    at reception if it does not fit the locker.
  • Leave for running
    Wear the locker key band around your wrist during running.
  • Please use the shower in the changing room after running.
  • Please return the locker key after changing clothes.
    We will return your membership card when you return the key.

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Course & Charges

Member registration 500 yen ※You will receive your membership card when you register with Bike Run for the first time.
Facility charge 900 yen/usage ※Include usage fee for locker & shower.

Fixed fee option

Morning fixed fee option 5,400 yen/month ※facility charge is free on weekday 6:30am-11:00am, 500 yen/usage during invalid time.
Locker option 3,020 yen/month ※private shoes locker
Apply for this option, discount charge from original price of 900 yen to 500 yen/usage


Coupon tickets (10 times) 8,000 yen/10times ※valid for a year/share OK
Coupon tickets (5 times) 4,200 yen/5times ※valid for a year/share OK
Sports Towel 100 yen
Bath Towel 200 yen
Sportswear Rental Tops & Bottoms 200 yen each
Shoe Rental 200 yen
Socks Socks are sold for 500 yen

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Run Pit

  • ▲ Locker room

    88 man’s locker and 66 woman’s locker is equipped in the changing room.

  • ▲ Contract shoes locker

    There are 168 shoes lockers. You can keep your shoes and other goods in the locker.

  • ▲ Shower booth

    There are 5 shower booths in both for man’s and woman’s changing room. It is equipped with shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face wash, and cleansing oil (for woman).

  • ▲ Powder room

    There are Hollywood mirrors in the woman’s powder room.

  • ▲ Free space

    It is equipped with poles and mats for stretching. You can use it before and after running to avoid injury.

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Running Courses

Running course around the Imperial Palace (5 km)

Standard course

Otokogi Sakamichi Course (10 km)

Running from Imperial Palace to Yotsuya, Aoyama, Akasaka, and back to the Imperial Palace.

Odaiba Shiokaze Course (20 km)

Course for runners who want to run a longer distance. Let’s try to run the Harumi Dori, Odaiba, Rainbow Bridge and feel the ocean breeze.

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