Marunouchi Bike&Run

東京駅前、新丸ビルB1 皇居ランニング、自転車通勤のベースステーション MARUNOUCHI Bike&Run


Guidance for bike usage

This location is equipped with security camera and there is also resident staff. It is indoor so there is no need to worry about rain and wind.

  • How to use
  • Courses & Charges
  • Bike Pit

Guidance for Bike Membership

  • 【Deposit】 Enter the entrance with your bike.
    Please be cautious of the pedestrians in the pathway.
  • Show your membership card at the reception and park your bike at the available bike rack.
    When you register to become a member, please show us one of the following identity verification documents.
    • health insurance card
    • driver license
    • employee ID card
    • passport
  • 【Pick up】 Show your membership card at the reception before you pick up your bike.
    Please be cautious of surrounding bikes when you move your bike.
  • Pick up your bike and leave the building.
    Please be cautious of pedestrians in the pathway.

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Course & Charges

※Using the parking lot is only for a monthly membership.

monthly charge of a bike rack

Member registration free ※You will receive a membership card when you register with Bike&Run for the first time.
Bike Member 16,200 yen/month ※share bike rack (bottom row)
Bike Member
Bike member premium 18,360 yen/month ※private bike rack (upper row)

Facility charge

Facility charge Facility charge 500 yen/usage ※Including usage for locker & shower.

Fixed fee option

Premium 5,400 yen/month ※ for suits deposit, facility usage and small locker usage
Shower Shower 3,020 yen/month ※facility usage is free
Locker (small) 3,020 yen/month ※private shoes locker, facility charge is 500 yen/usage
Cloak 3,020 yen/month ※for suits deposit (only one suit)
※if you deposit over one suit, it will cost an extra 3,020 yen/suit


Sports Towel 100 yen
Bath Towel 200 yen
Sportswear Rental Tops & Bottoms 200 yen each
Shoe Rental 200 yen
Socks Socks are sold for 500yen

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Run Pit

  • ▲ Bike Space

    There are 71bike racks which are equipped with security camera. Not only it is secured, but it also protects your precious bike from rain and wind.

  • ▲ Pit Space

    In this space, there are bike maintenance stand, air pump, wrench, kit for fixing flat tire, etc.

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